Folding-Edge: Profiling of the plastic edging

Döllken also folds thermoplastic plastic edging. To date, only paper edgebands or specially extruded profiles could be used for edging of bevelled surfaces. With the Folding-Edge, it is now possible to use high-quality plastic edging also, since this has been made virtually foldable. A V-groove is notched into any required position on the back, to enable the edging to be folded to the inside or outside, as required. Different angles and looks can thus be achieved. Handle-less fronts in the kitchen are one Folding-Edge application, for instance. The upper bevelled side is edged with the Folding-Edge to create a recess for gripping and opening the front. The edge is rendered grip-friendly by creating a radius. The other three straight sides of the front door can also be closed using décor-matching plastic edging to create a uniform look all-round. The major disadvantage to date of profiles used for such folding applications is that they are extruded pre-folded and can thus be supplied only in straight lengths. The Folding-Edge developed by Döllken, on the other hand, can be applied on site, straight off the roll. This offers significant advantages in terms of handling and application.


- Reliable profiling of narrow surfaces

- Folding profiles supplied off the roll

- Folding possible to both side

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