18.01.2010 17:03 Age: 12 yrs

CORULAN – the AC3 finish surface for new areas of application

CORULAN is the new laminatable finish surface from BauschLinnemann that has fantastic print quality, is pleasant to the touch and features AC3 friction qualities.

CORULAN is used as a flat foil with high abrasion resistance in flooring, and for home, caravan and real estate applications. The special feature of this new
surface lies in a uniform decorative design for the diverse areas of application. For example, the flooring, identical matching transition strips and skirtings,
as well as panels are manufactured in a single colour-coordinated and harmonized decorative design.
The brilliance of the decors is another new feature despite AC3 friction values because no overlay is used for the CORULAN finish surface. This means that
the decorative design is not subject to greying and hence provides improved design quality. The special finish lacquer also ensures an exceptionally haptic
feeling with warm touch.
The substrate for this surface is provided by light-fast specialist papers which are printed in solid colours or with woodgrain and fantasy designs,
impregnated with duroplastic resins and lacquered. The use of specialist resins makes the foil resistant to splitting and offers good lay-flat properties and
advantageous milling characteristics, combined with extremely good bonding. CORULAN is therefore ideal for processing.
Compared with the use of DPL (Direct Pressure Laminate) or PDL (Printed Direct Laminate), production with the finish foil CORULAN is much more costeffective
and most importantly more flexible. Buying in overlay, resins, etc. and the associated colour/quality control and maturing time for the product are
all eliminated. The only processes that have to be carried out are laminating and bonding of the CORULAN surface with the desired substrate material and
formatting. This reduces costs and production time.

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