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SURTECO UK distributes high quality products - Made in Germany - from SURTECO DECOR, BauschLinnemann and Döllken - Made in Sweden - from Gislaved.

Welcome to SURTECO UK


Welcome to TECOMATCH, the comprehensive guide to edgeband matches from SURTECO UK.


TECOMATCH is the definitive guide for all UK board processors and is an invaluable resource for specifiers and designers.


TECOMATCH provides details of all the major Melamine Faced Chipboards used in the UK, cross referenced against TECOLINE, one of the largest ranges of melamine edgebands available manufactured by BauschLinnemann.


Gislaved Folie is a company that works with surface materials to add colour, shape and functionality. The foils are used to provide decorative finishes with a variety of functions, tailored to the application and setting of the finished product.


You will find Gislaved products in various forms and settings all over the world.

Here are some examples:
• Vehicle dashboards and door interior panels
• Walls, ceilings and floors onboard ships
• Woven plastic matting for public and private settings
• Furniture and kitchen cabinets
• Cushions for ear defenders
• Inflatable mattresses for healthca


The Decor-Finder is a handy tool that will help you find a matching edge to your board easily.


In the Download Centre you can easily download our general company and product brochures as well as processing instructions in PDF format.


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The new customer magazine "Kanten-News Nr. 19" is now available.

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